Artwork and Graphic Design of Exhibition
Zumtobel Group’s Light Forum, Dornbirn, Austria
Transform is an exhibition that highlights the 31st annual report of the Zumtobel Group, which we created in collaboration with UNStudio.
The spatial design for the exhibition, done by UNStudio, consists of several light frames containing images of the annual report and uses  Zumtobel’s lighting technology.
The light frames, which float in the space, are offset from one another, while their translucency allows the colours of the individual images to mix. Depending on the combination of colour and gradient lighting, graphics and text appear or disappear, creating varying scenarios that give the viewer the feeling of being immersed in UNStudio’s design processes.
In collaboration with UNStudio (exhibition Design by Ben van Berkel, William de Boer, Jan Rosskothen, Machteld Kors and Gabriel Punkenhofer)

In collaboration with 
Arno Meusburger / Leon Bloemendaal
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